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Sackville Curling Club

Sackville Curling Club

Sackville Curling Club

Sackville Curling ClubSackville Curling ClubSackville Curling Club

Located at 22 Lansdowne Street in the town of Sackville, New Brunswick,  the club caters to all ages and levels of interest. With a variety of leagues and levels of competition, as well as a variety of curling and social activities, we're sure to have something for everyone from the complete beginner to national competitor. 

There were curlers in Sackville as early as 1901 and Sackville Curling Club was incorporated in 1949.  We have three sheets of ice, a bar, a function room, and a kitchen.  

We have leagues for mens', ladies' and mixed curling.  As well there are programs for junior curlers and for little rocks.  The year 2016/17 saw the start of a new league for mixed doubles. 


Dear Members,

We are sending along a brief update to address questions that have come up regarding our new curling stones.

At present, we have been curling with the new stones since the first of the year.  You have likely noticed that only some of the stones have new, inscribed handles.  When purchasing the stones, we purchased all new handles. We still have rocks available to be sponsored and inscribed, so, rather than shipping handles here and then back for inscription, we left them with the company until we are ready to complete the order.

Stones are still available to be sponsored and inscribed at a cost of $600.00.  We hope to have another ten to twelve sponsors which would complete two full sheets.  The Board, in consultation with the members, will make a decision about the stones on the third sheet and how, if and when they will be inscribed.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors along with grants from the Town and Province our stones are now paid for.  Some of the funds used to complete the purchase were from club funds held in reserve for contingencies, emergencies and future planning.  It is these funds that we hope to replace with the final sponsorships.

There are a number of our original handles that continue to have significance to the club and members and the old handles will not be destroyed.  We hope to have these displayed in a prominent location in the future or there may be another better way to hang on to these.  If you have some thoughts or feedback on these handles as a group or, individual handles that you feel have special significance, please bring this to the attention of a board member.  

Members will be informed of final decisions regarding the old handles and the new handles for sheet 3.

For those still interested in sponsoring a stone, or if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to a Board Member.  Thank you again to those who have supported the Rock Replacement Campaign.

Rock Replacement Committee


It's not too late to sponsor a new curling stone!



We are getting close to our fundraising goal but you can still contribute. 

If you wish to donate click the link below for the pledge form and send it to our treasurer at

Grand Draw and Pub Night

Dance and cash prizes. Tickets $25

 Be sure to mark your calendar for February 29th. Sackville Curling Club is hosting its Grand Draw & Pub Night.  Your grand draw ticket gets you in the door for a fun-filled night with music and snacks and a chance to win cash prizes from $100 up to the grand prize of $1000. 

It's not too late to buy a ticket! Available at the Sackville Curling Club Bar for only 25 dollars be sure to get yours today. 

 Doors open at 7:30 and prize draw starts at 8 pm.

Club Challenge March 7, from the Mayflower CC

Contact Dave Oyler if interested at 476-4755 or email

My name is Dave Oyler and I curl at the Mayflower.  I am trying to put together a challenge match on March 7 at the Mayflower for club level teams (teams that are at the competitive level of teams that participate in the Club Championship aka the Travelers).  Two teams from the Mayflower would take on two club level teams from another club.  We would play ten ends in a skins format with a changeover of opponents after five ends.  There would be a charge for the ice (about $8 per person) and if enough people are interested, we could arrange to have a meal afterwards.  The game would start at 3pm.

I am putting this out to a number of clubs in the hopes of getting at least one club interested.  If there is more than one, then the format would be adjusted but the time wouldn't change.

If you have any questions or interest, you can reach me at 476-4755 or email


29th Annual Curl for Cancer

 The 29th annual Curl for Cancer raised $15,914  so far!

Thank you for all our Entertainers

Drew & Tom

Slim Pickens

Christine Gilroy

Mike Maillet

Perpetual Motion Dancers

RA & Jack

Lil' Jills 

Thanks to our Organizers and Volunteers.

 It was a very successful event and everyone had a great time!


For rental information see the Rentals page or contact our Rentals Director

We have available times for private parties!

Our club executive is found on the About page.

SCC is located in the town of Sackville NB Canada

Club phone number: (506) 536-0880.

Office Rental



If you are looking for a quiet office that is close to both downtown and Mt A, we have  space available at the Sackville Curling Club. 

Heat and lights are included.

Please contact our rentals director  for more information.